Frequently Asked Questions

Login & Referral

You can sign up using your Facebook, Google or Apple account, or with your email address.
Click on ‘Resend’ and we’ll send you the verification link again. Be sure to also check your spam folder for the email.
The email verification link is only valid for 5 minutes from the time it is generated. If your link has expired, you can generate a new link by clicking ‘Resend’ in the app on the screen that appears after the email signup page.
After installing MPL, you can sign up using your referral code. Click on “Do you have a referral code?”, enter your code and get started! Choose one of the available options - Facebook, Google, Apple or Email to log in.
You can change your name, profile picture and bio in the MPL profile section of the app. Click on the top left icon on the home page to access the profile section, and then click on "Edit profile”.
You will receive a sign up bonus after successfully completing the sign up process through any of the available methods (Facebook, Google, Apple or Email) and logging in on the MPL app.
You can invite a friend by tapping on the “Refer & Earn” button on the bottom of the app. Go to “Your Referrals” and tap on any of the available sharing options to share your referral code and an install link by text message, email or other messaging/social media apps on your phone.
Only players above the age of 18 years are allowed to register and play on MPL.
Only users over the age of 18 years and above are eligible to play on MPL. You are therefore required to agree to the age related terms so that we can determine your eligibility to register and play on MPL.
You can set up only one account on MPL. Having multiple accounts for the same user is against our Terms of Service and may lead to suspension or termination of the account(s).


MPL Battles are single play 1v1 competitions. You can register by paying an entry fee to enter the battle and generate a score against your opponent. The player with the higher score wins the cash prize.
Tournaments run for a specific time period. You can register for a tournament in a game of your choice by paying an entry fee. Based on the format, you will generate a rank based on score or number of gameplays. The number of attempts allowed will be specified for every tournament. Prize money will be awarded based on your rank on the leaderboard.
In Beat the Score, you pay an entry fee to get a certain number of attempts within a time period to put up your highest score on the leaderboard and get prizes based on your rank. You can re-enter the tournament by paying the entry fee after your attempts are exhausted. For some tournaments, you will be guaranteed to win a prize if you beat a specified score in the tournament.
Open MPL app -> Select game -> Select Tournament -> Hit the play button of your screen >> Pay entry fee, and start playing!
Open MPL App -> Select the Game -> Click the option button (three dots) on the top right of the screen >> Click Game history
Open MPL > Select Game > Select ‘History’ on the bottom tab. Here, you can see all the past battles and tournaments you have played
If you get disconnected while playing the game then your latest recorded score will get submitted in the game
If you exit the game before the battle ends then your latest recorded score will get submitted in the game
In MPL’s battle game format, you will be able to play 1v1 battles across games. We will match you with an online player of similar skill. If no one is available at your skill-level at the time, you can still play your game and submit the score while MPL will keep working to match you with the next available similarly skilled opponent. Alternatively you may get matched with a player at your skill level who previously played and already submitted a score earlier.
There are 2 kinds of players in an asynchronous game, the ‘Starter’ and the ‘Challenger’. The Starter is the player who starts the game but does not have a matching opponent at that point. The player plays the game but needs to wait for a challenger. The Challenger is the player who gets matched with a Starter based on the skill level and lobby. The moment the Starter starts the game, the Starter becomes a part of the Starter pool and is ready to be matched.
If the player is a Challenger then the player will get instantly matched with the starter and will get the results of the match after the player’s game ends. If the player is a starter then the application will try to find a challenger who is similar to the player’s skill and match them, but if the application is not able to find a match within 7 days then the entry fee is refunded to the player.


Bonus cash is a type of MPL currency that players accumulate as a reward via sign up, referrals, deposit coupons or other promotions. Bonus cash can’t be withdrawn (add link)
You can use bonus cash as part of your entry fee to enter battles and tournaments. When you enter a competition, you can use a certain percentage of your entry fee as bonus cash. When you win, your cash reward is 100% Winnings Cash.
Coupons are MPL rewards from which you can earn cashbacks and a lot more! You can use available coupons when you deposit money into the MPL wallet.
You can withdraw only your winnings cash from the MPL wallet. Currently, deposit cash and bonus cash cannot be withdrawn and are only available to play cash games for head-to-head, multiplayer events and tournaments.
Winnings cash will get credited to your MPL wallet upon the completion of any cash game format.
MPL does not store any payment details shared by you. We partner with third party payment providers who facilitate all transactions for us. Your data will be securely stored in compliance with applicable laws.
You can fund your MPL wallet using your MasterCard or Visa cards, your PayPal Wallet or your ApplePay wallet. Please note that amounts, once deposited, can only be used to play cash games for head-to-head, multiplayer events and tournaments. Only winnings can be withdrawn.
  • Please contact our Customer Support team (add link) who will verify if the amount was not added due to a technical issue. In this scenario, our team will credit the amount to your wallet.
  • However, if you made a successful repeat transaction for the same amount, you can provide the proof to our Customer Support team and we can refund the amount for the previously tried transaction.
The time required for a refund will depend on the issuer bank for your card. In most cases, the bank will refund the amount within 15 days. If you do not receive the amount within 15 days, you should contact your bank’s customer service team.
Yes, there are certain limits set on per transaction value and cumulative amount:
  • Minimum $1 per deposit
  • Maximum $300 per deposit
  • Maximum $500 per day
Yes, there are certain limits set on per transaction value and cumulative amount:
  • Minimum $1 per withdrawal
  • Maximum $50 per withdrawal
  • Maximum $200 per day
  • A Withdrawal fee will be charged to you when you withdraw any amount from your winnings cash.
  • MPL charges a standard $1.50 fee for any amount below $10. No withdrawal fee is charged for a withdrawal amount of $10 or more.
  • For PayPal withdrawals, most transactions are instantaneous. However, in some cases, it may take up to 6 hours to receive the withdrawal amount.
  • If you choose to withdraw via your bank account, it may take up to 4 working days depending on your bank to process the withdrawal. If it takes longer, please contact your bank for more information.
If your withdrawal request is cancelled, your money will return to your winnings balance, and you can initiate the withdrawal again.
  • A successful withdrawal request initiated via bank transfer may take up to 4 days. This is the time taken by your bank to process the withdrawal.
  • In case of a successful withdrawal request initiated via bank transfer that has not been processed even after 4 days, please contact the bank where your bank account is held.
You will not be able to change your bank account for withdrawals.
In order to comply with state-level laws, MPL does not allow users to access cash games in certain states - please refer to our Terms of Service for more information on this. In the event that you are unable to play cash games due to this, please contact us at and we will help you with the refund. Please note that deposits cannot be directly refunded if any funds have been used to enter or play cash games.


Users are responsible for paying all federal, state and other taxes in accordance with Applicable Laws. We may withhold from the User’s Withdrawals or Net Winnings any federal, state and other taxes as required under Applicable Laws, or in connection with the User’s failure to complete the relevant tax documentation. If your net winnings total $ 600 or more in a calendar year, and you are a U.S. resident, MPL may require you to submit your Social Security Number (SSN) and send you an IRS Form W-9 and 1099-MISC or such other required documentation required to be shared with the IRS . Depending on the state in which you reside, we may also send you additional federal or state tax forms.

Identity Verification

To ensure safety and security of other players, compliance with our Terms of Service and to confirm compliance with other applicable regulations, MPL will require you to share certain personal details to verify your identity.
MPL will ask you to share details before you withdraw any winnings cash from the platform. To withdraw cash, go to your MPL wallet and click on “Withdraw”. Enter the required information and proceed to withdraw cash after verification.
MPL will need your name, date of birth , address, zip code and email address. In cases where you have net winnings of $600 or more in a calendar year, MPL will also require your Social Security Number.
Identity verification will fail if you enter incorrect/outdated information. Please ensure you enter your correct and updated name, date of birth and address.

Customer Support

Customers can contact customer support through 24x7 in-app chat support on MPL Helpdesk on your Wallet page. Alternatively, customers can also reach us on email and official MPL social media channels.


MPL is committed to protect its players against fraud and collusion. In order to achieve a safe environment of fair play, all games are monitored 24x7 with anti-fraud algorithms.
MPL has automated detection systems to identify suspicious or fraudulent behaviour in games.
Customers can report Fraud incidents from the game History. Click on game → Go to History → Click on game → Click on (!) → Report a Fraud → Report opponents → Choose opponent → Report issue. Alternatively, customers can also reach us on email